Australia Barbecue

When it comes to Australia Barbecue, its straight outdoor barbecue or Barbie, which is the well-known popular term in Australia. Barbecue in Australia is no different than barbecue America. When it comes to using steak, lamb chops and sausages. Australians are not big on smoking or sugary sauce. However, they do use seasonings. Ever wonder why the steak taste so good at Outback Steakhouse?

This is what set Australians and Americans apart when it comes to barbecue; Americans prefer to add rub or spice to their meat where as Australian would marinate their meat, making the meat more tender.

When it comes to fundraising, Barbecue is a popular method of raising the cash in Australia. Wow, how can one pass that up? In America, we’ll pass up the candy bar fundraising, when it comes to food, barbecue to be specific…. we are there!

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