College Football Playoff

College Football Playoff

As it goes…my foot is in my mouth! I had Alabama to win the College Football Playoff, to be the first in history to win the new so called playoff system. Not even close, they got beat, walked on, stomp. You name it!

What we have in the College Football Playoff is two schools that deserve respect and so does their conference. Oregon has been a powerhouse for years, never has been giving the respect their deserve. Ohio State has been on probation after probation. A new well-known coach in Urban Meyer turned the program around. We all thought Ohio State was out of it once their starting quarterback was hurt.

Ohio State

The play off grind continues between Ohio State vs. Oregon, winners take all in Texas!

There’s no telling who’s going to win, both school got an amazing football program. My sauce is on Oregon, for a number of reasons. They got one of the best quarterbacks in college football, Marcus Mariota the Heisman trophy winner. Oregon could beat any NFL team out there, they way they play. After all, it seems like Skip Kelly never left Oregon!


Give me a good game to go with my Q!

Happy grilling & tailgating!