College Football Season

Seems college football season is almost coming to an end with the first bowl game starting December 20th with the college football playoff national championship game on January 12, 2015.

This has been an interesting season for college football; especially since this is the first year we had the playoff system. Being a die-hard college football fan, I will tell you, I don’t agree with the current playoff system! Then again, I’m not the one who made the rules & or guidelines, it is what it is.

I have my reasons for not agreeing, for one I’m not a fan of Florida State. I’m sure they have a good football team, a powerhouse football program. let’s be realistic, there is one game that FSU actually lost! Of course that’s a debatable conversation, and I’m entitled to my own opinion. After all, what are sports if one can’t debate! Norte Dame won that game period!

The party is about to start; tailgating is in style and BIG since its bowl season! Big games, powerhouse teams, it can go either way. I could only imagine how die-hard the tailgating will be between Oklahoma vs. Clemson and Ole Miss vs. TCU.

I’m a California Boy with roots from UCLA and USC yet I decided to spend my college year in chocolate city, Washington D.C. at Gallaudet University. I’m off topic for a minute so bear with me. Gallaudet is an underdog school, yet when it came time to play, it was all business. With that being said, I’ve always been a fan of Boise State, one of the most underrated football programs in the country. These kids can play against powerhouse schools, and beat them! Now they are playing Arizona at the Vizio Fiesta Bowl, that’s the game to watch.

We all know Alabama is going to win. Let’s face the facts. Until last year BCS bowl championship teams came from the SEC with Alabama winning three of the seven.

We may not all agree on who will win or what is what when it comes to a sport, that’s okay and normal. However we can damn sure agree that we make the barbecue sauce, after all we are ranked # 17 in the world! Didn’t I tell you we are from California too!

Good eating and have a great time during the college football bowl games!