January News


Hello everyone! Happy New years, we want to start off the new years by wishing everyone health and happiness and success in 2015! We hope you are one step closer to achieving your resolutions…Here at Deaf Man’s we are excited to embark on this New Year and continue building on the progress we made in 2014. This year our goal is to expand and reach as many retail outlets as we possibly can. In the upcoming months you will see us taking steps to achieve our goal so stay tuned!!!

January is one of my favorite months because BBQ and tailgating are in full effect, College Football to the Super Bowl! No matter what the occasion, from a “Fantasy Football wrap party” to “My team finally made the playoff’s party”, don’t forget to make Deaf Man’s your ”go to” sauce for the shindig! Starting with College Football… really cool how there is a playoff’s now! Excited to see who the champ will be! I can’t pick a side but good luck to both Oregon and Ohio!! In the NFL we are at the heart of the playoffs, once again my team isn’t around… but I want to see if Tony Romo can make the run Cowboys fans have envisioned his whole career! Tom Brady always seems to start the season off shorthanded and under manned but always manages to be in the conversation this late into the year. Finally will Seattle repeat? So many good story lines can’t wait for them to play out!

Please continue to check the site throughout the month and let Deaf Man’s BBQ sauce be your sauce for the Super Bowl!!! Here is a look of a few events we have mapped out for 2015:


  • Winner’s Circle BBQ Championship (Santa Anita, CA – March 21)


  • Stagecoach music fest championship (Indo, CA- April 23-26)
  • Arizona BBQ Festival (Scottsdale, AZ – April)
  • Artisanal LA spring show (los Angeles, CA – April 25-26)
  • Mac N’ Cheese Festival (Bakersfield, CA – April 18)


  • West Coast Class BBQ Championship (Long Beach, CA – May 9)
  • Mac N’ Cheese Festival (Santa Ynez, CA – May 9)
  • Horse Town Brew & Que Festival (Norco, CA – May 29-31)

As a part of our plan for expansion these are a few of the outlets we will reach to spread the word about BBQ’s best kept secret! If there is a retailer in your area that you would like to see carry, please email us and we will do our best to supply that retailer! Telling someone about your goals is a good way to help hold yourself accountable and remind you of the task at hand. That’s why we started the year off telling you our plans…Thank you for the support so far and just know that we plan to make this year even better!