Deaf Man’s BBQ Sauce Story

Barbecue Sauce Master, Rasool

Barbecue Sauce was something for Rasool that actually started generations ago in Cajun country. It was a time when the family table was the place for togetherness, storytelling and laughter. A family’s mealtime was the most important time of the day. One family’s barbecue sauce was loved for its delicious, savory and spicy flavor. It soon became an essential part of every meal. It was served at the family table with practically every dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The barbecue sauce became just as an important part of the family’s mealtime tradition as the togetherness, storytelling and laughter.

Rasool happens to be a deaf man. He spent many of his childhood years in Cajun Country with family where he learned the special skills needed for a deaf man to communicate in a hearing world. He learned sign language and became very adept at reading lips. He was raised in a supportive environment that enabled him to become extremely skilled at communicating in the hearing world. He later attended Gallaudet University, an internationally known college for its outstanding liberal education and career development for deaf and hard of hearing students. Rasool excelled at Gallaudet as both a student and an athlete; he was the starting center on the University’s basketball team.

Because of these invaluable life experiences, Rasool grew up learning to bridge the gap between the hearing and deaf communities. It was with his family in Cajun Country where he learned the importance of mealtime and how instrumental it really was for bringing family and friends together to share experiences, stories and laughter.

Cajun Country is also where Rasool grew up loving to cook. At a young age, he became a gifted culinary artist. His dishes became an extension of his own contagious personality and wicked sense of humor. His dishes are a masterful blending of fresh food and spices. Rasool was introduced to the family’s legendary barbecue sauce recipe that had been passed down through the generations and he began experimenting with his own variations of the original recipe. It was the beginning of the Deaf Man’s Barbecue Sauce Story.

Deaf Man’s Barbecue Sauce Story

Rasool worked for years to perfect his own variations of the family recipe, influenced by his own culinary sensibility and his desire to make every meal a special occasion. The result is a range of all-natural, distinctly different sauces that blend sweetness, mildness and hot spiciness. One could say that the sauces themselves are very much like the mixture of friends who may be gathered on a special occasion to enjoy them. Why did he choose the name Deaf Man’s along with the slogan, You’ll Never Hear of a Better BBQ Sauce? Rasool has a very straightforward sensibility. And, like we said, he has a wicked sense of humor.
If you like having friends over for BBQ, give Deaf Man’s BBQ Sauce a try. It’s perfect for the gourmet who is serious about grilling the perfect entrée. It’s also perfect for anyone who just wants to make their backyard BBQ or tailgater the perfect occasion. Bringing friends and family together for good times, good food and a few laughs is a great way to bridge the gap between us all and our differences as people. That’s the real moral of the Deaf Man’s BBQ Sauce story.